Our Business Manager in his role as the Welsh Lead for The Institute of General Practice Management has been a stakeholder in the recent report 'Access to GP Practices in Wales - Older People’s Experiences' published by the Older Peoples Commissioner for Wales.

The report highlights the improvements we as a practice have recently implemented. However, he commented, "Without adequate funding from the Welsh Government, we will never be able to meet the vast majority of patients' needs and expectations of GP services."

"An example was shared via stakeholder engagement of a practice in Cardiff and the Vale which has reduced telephone wait times through the introduction of virtual and remote appointments and triage systems. This has led to a drop in maximum waiting times from 51 minutes to 16.7 minutes, with an improved average wait time of eight minutes. However, engagement with a local GP practice patient participation group revealed that many people are not aware of any improvements in access that their practice may have made."