Where is my referral?

We are very aware that hospital departments are currently trying to deal with the massive impact on referrals that COVID-19 has caused and that waiting times are currently at record levels. Despite this, we recognise that your condition may have deteriorated over this time.

We are frequently asked to expedite appointments and this is often not appropriate unless there is a significant deterioration in your condition. If you feel there has been a significant change since your original referral please contact the hospital department where the clinicians control and prioritise their waiting lists.

When patients contact local hospitals to find out when they might be seen or if their symptoms and condition have worsened, they are often asked to contact their GP and request an "expedite letter". This is frustrating for you and the surgery as it rarely results in appointments being brought forward.

Furthermore, it is very difficult for a GP to measure to what extent your condition has worsened. We take your word for this and the hospital should do the same. When making decisions about who to prioritise, it is only possible for the hospital to compare your condition and needs against all the other patients on their waiting list.

If you are still awaiting your first appointment, or follow-up appointment following a GP referral we would recommend you contact your Consultant's Secretary (for follow-up care). 

Please click on this link for the addresses Our Services - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (nhs.wales),  or call the contact switchboard on 02920 747747.

For data in relation to Welsh NHS Hospital Waiting Times can be found on the Stats Wales Website. This includes information on those waiting for NHS-funded hospital treatment and how long they have been waiting, reported by Local Health Boards in Wales.

Stats Wales