COVID19 - Patient Information

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


 UK Government Guidance

Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus in China, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms. 


UK Government Blog on everything you need to know about the Coronavirus


Guidance issued by Welsh Government 


Public Health Wales is working closely with the Welsh Government and the other UK public health agencies to carefully monitor the situation in China and implement our planned response, with measures in place to protect the health of the public.


Details and information on the Mass Vaccine Programme across Cardiff & Vale.


Cardiff & Vale and most of Wales, is experiencing unprecedented levels of COVID-19. The Health Board has issued a statement to the community warning of the critical pressure on both primary care and hospitals and the importance now more than ever about following COVID advice. The ability to deliver essential services can be critically impacted by demand and health care staff illness with very little warning.

For this reason, we have taken the difficult decision to once again pause all non-urgent services immediately and, we hope, briefly, to concentrate resources to those most in need and to protect patients and staff by minimising footfall and contact with potential COVID. We will review this daily and update the situation as often as we can to ensure this is for the minimum time possible.

In the meantime, we remain open and available for any urgent concerns and would encourage patients with any doubt as to the urgency of their problem to give as much information as possible to our reception team who will direct you to the most appropriate resources.

Information as to alternate avenues are available on this website, via 111 WalesChoose Pharmacy, and, if a problem is of the highest urgency, CAV24/7

If your query can wait, we are grateful for your patience in these difficult times and hope that this will be the final push we need to protect the most vulnerable of our community and that the new year will start to bring calm, vaccination and a gradual return to something near normal life.